Friday with Freda ~ Assisted Living is Kind of Like College

Thank you friends for all of your prayers yesterday. It took all day, but Jeff and I were able to get Grandma all set up in her new digs. I am excited that I was able to find a place for her that is a true assisted living facility that suits her needs. It also helps that this place is only two minutes from my work. So I have quick access during my lunch and after work to visit her.

Freda right away has fallen in love with the staff. She is excited to have her own room now, and although she hasn’t said it, I’m pretty sure she likes the idea being off the Jeff’s Crazy Idea routine a bit. They served spaghetti and garlic bread last night for dinner and she was in heaven. [Read more…]

Friday with Freda ~ Prayers for Transition

I have so many things to write about my life with Freda since she moved in with our family. So many funny, hard, sweet and long-lasting memories have been made with her and my kids.

But today, I just can’t. Today, I need your prayers. Today Jeff and I are taking Grandma to visit a assisted living facility, because we are at the point where her needs are becoming move than our family can provide.

And this is hard to accept.

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Friday with Freda ~ Lunch Anyone?

This week’s Friday with Freda is simple. I have shared with you before about how Grandma likes Jeff more than me. Here is one of the reasons why.

I make her simple oatmeal for breakfast. When he is home he fixes stuff like this:

Then there is lunch. Most of the time, I have to make her something to stick in the fridge, like a salad. Very uninspiring. [Read more…]

Friday with Freda ~ A Guest Post

This week’s Friday with Freda is a guest blog from my friend Ivette Diaz. Ivette has a unique perspective on our family because sometimes when Jeff and I have to leave town for rm2g business, she stays with the kids and grandma. She is a true blessing to me, and has a heart for family unlike anyone else I have ever known. I hope you enjoy Ivette’s reflections, and take the time to check out her personal blog. She is a beautiful woman of God with an amazing heart.

Getting to spend time with Freda and the kiddos in Jeff and Julie’s absence has been a gift. It’s allowed me get to know these three in  much more personal way and we’ve made some great memories while we’re at it: Dance parties in the living room,  dishwasher mishaps (may the Ice Cream Scoop rest in peace) a picnic at the park and even done some aerobics led by Freda herself! But more than memory-making, I’ve also learned a lot from this bunch, especially Freda.

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Friday with Freda ~ Role of Responsibility

My grandma is getting old.

I know, you’re shocked. Because for six months now I have been talking on Fridays about the funny things she says and does and how she is in such amazing shape for someone who is eighty nine.

She inspires me.

But the last month it has started to seem like she is getting old.

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Friday with Freda ~ Let’s Make Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup

Last Friday morning over coffee Grandma mentioned she would love to have some of her homemade vegetable soup. Immediately, I got excited. I remembered all of those fall nights when I was a little girl and coming home from school. Her amazing homemade vegetable beef soup would be on the stove simmering. I got even more excited when I remembered we had some leftover roast in the fridge from just two days before—sweet manna from heaven!

It was decided. That evening when I was finished work, we would make this soup together. The menu for the evening was set. I jotted down everything I needed to pick up from the store on my way home. This meal was going to be special.

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Friday with Freda ~ Missing Home

She misses West Virginia.

I sense it. I know it. I catch her trying looking at old photos, gazing out the window, wondering if she will ever see the likes of her home there ever again.

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Friday with Freda ~ Finding Inspiration in Hard Work

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity…Proverbs 21:5a

“You work your head off.”

This is a true Fredaism. She said this to me earlier this week as she watched me one early morning multi-task. Within 15 minutes I had checked e-mail, swept the kitchen floor, picked up the living room and took a pre-work phone call, all before 7 AM. This is just how I am wired.

It inspires me that she thinks I’m a hard worker. Even though some days I know I’m a total slacker compared to what she and her generation accomplished.

Usually Freda’s “You work your head off” is followed one of these:

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Friday with Freda ~ You’re Going to Climb What Mountain?

Grandma has been asking me a million questions all week about my Pikes Peak climb today.

You’re going to climb what mountain again? Pikes Peak, remember the one we drive by all the time? 

How long will it take you? About five hours.

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Fridays with Freda ~ Troubles and Peace

Many of you have asked me since the Waldo Canyon Fire broke out how Freda is doing. Constant news of a natural disaster like this can make seniors anxious and I have been worried she would get sick from the smoke. Amazingly, she has been resilient.

Living through The Great Depression, World War II, floods, terrorist attacks, and personal family tragedy in her eighty-nine years of life I’m sure has helped her cope. She knows we will make it through. Watching her through all of the chaos this week I was reminded of what Jesus said…

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