One Word 2017


Midlife is funny when you’ve sat graveside too many times.
“You should” is a phrase abundant in your mind.
Over and over you think “What if I?”…”Could I?”…”Should I?”
The “Should I?” gets loud and antsy.
Until one day your tired of waiting, and thinking about it, and dreaming.
One day a New Year begins and you just commit to START.
All of it. 

And so my #OneWord for 2017 is START. Over the years I’ve wanted to start so many things that I think, Oh, I’ll start that later..or Someone should start this or that. In 2017 I am opening myself up to beautiful start energy. Because if anyone knows the reality that you may not have tomorrow to start it’s me. The time is now.

I can’t wait to get this party Started in 2017! #OneWord365 #OneWord #NewYear

Longs Peak

Longs Peak

We are already 11 days into 2015. Can you believe it? So far so good. It’s been a whirlwind, but I feel the promise of the new year. How about you friends?

In an effort to stay true to my One Word for 2015 I feel like I need to share something with you. You’ve caught glimpses of it here on my blog before, but I feel like I need to let everyone in on a little secret. Here goes: <DEEP BREATH>

Hi, I’m Julie Abel and I write poetry.

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My One Word for 2014

Last year I died. Every day for 365 days. I woke up and experienced death.


I died to myself. I died to my past. I died to my will. I died to all that I thought that I knew.

Dying was hard, but necessary.

For Christians dying is central to our faith. Dying is life. I forgot that somewhere along the way. Somewhere along the road to hunky-dory everything should be perfect land, I forgot that dying is a good thing.

Good but painful.

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