Friday with Freda ~ Finding Inspiration in Hard Work

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity…Proverbs 21:5a

“You work your head off.”

This is a true Fredaism. She said this to me earlier this week as she watched me one early morning multi-task. Within 15 minutes I had checked e-mail, swept the kitchen floor, picked up the living room and took a pre-work phone call, all before 7 AM. This is just how I am wired.

It inspires me that she thinks I’m a hard worker. Even though some days I know I’m a total slacker compared to what she and her generation accomplished.

Usually Freda’s “You work your head off” is followed one of these:

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Friday With Freda ~ You Have To Have A Job To Do

My Grandma Freda is such a kick. At eight-nine you would think she would want to slow down a bit. But no.

Since she has moved in with us she has taken over two very specific jobs.

She rinses the dishes for me after every meal. And…

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