Friday with Freda ~ Role of Responsibility

My grandma is getting old.

I know, you’re shocked. Because for six months now I have been talking on Fridays about the funny things she says and does and how she is in such amazing shape for someone who is eighty nine.

She inspires me.

But the last month it has started to seem like she is getting old.

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Friday with Freda ~ When the Caretaker Needs Cared For

Grandma has been sick all week. And honestly that makes me nervous. Freda is bouncing back, but for a few days I know she did not feel like herself at all.

Coughing, sneezing, not sleeping well at night and sleeping most of the day.

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Fridays with Freda ~ Some Days Are Hard

Rinse…lather… repeat. 

Since my grandma Freda moved in with our family a year ago, honestly this is what some days feel like. I often get words of encouragement from friends, and truthfully, and that is enough to keep me going another day. But some days, I miss the spontaneity of life.

Before Freda, our family was able to come and go as we wished. If we wanted to take off for the day we could. Those days are pretty much gone.

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