One Word 2017


Midlife is funny when you’ve sat graveside too many times.
“You should” is a phrase abundant in your mind.
Over and over you think “What if I?”…”Could I?”…”Should I?”
The “Should I?” gets loud and antsy.
Until one day your tired of waiting, and thinking about it, and dreaming.
One day a New Year begins and you just commit to START.
All of it. 

And so my #OneWord for 2017 is START. Over the years I’ve wanted to start so many things that I think, Oh, I’ll start that later..or Someone should start this or that. In 2017 I am opening myself up to beautiful start energy. Because if anyone knows the reality that you may not have tomorrow to start it’s me. The time is now.

I can’t wait to get this party Started in 2017! #OneWord365 #OneWord #NewYear

Crock Pot Italian Chili

Homecoming week It’s homecoming week friends here in Estes Park, Colorado. Isn’t my girl adorbs? GO BOBCATS! She’s going to kill me for posting this photo of her on my blog. But I can’t help it, she’s so stinking cute. Busy fall nights have made all of the work I did a few weeks ago prepping 15 frozen crock pot meals sooooo worth it. I’m becoming the diva of the slow cooker!

Yesterday I fixed the crock pot Italian Chili and it was a hit with the hubs. I asked some Facebook friends if they wanted the recipe and 30 or so of you said yes. So here it is:

Crock Pot Italian Chili

Crock Pot Italian Chili 1 pound cooked ground beef (I fry up 6-8 pounds of ground beef at a time and freeze them in quart bags. I usually just thaw out the meat and use it as needed) [Read more…]