Inspire 2015

It’s been so long that I almost forgot how to log on to the blog.

Life has been THAT insane.

2015 started off with a quiet bang. I was getting settled into my new town, a new career as a real estate agent, and trying on my One Word for size.

My One Word for 2015

My One Word for 2015

WOW. I had no idea where Inspire would take me. I spent my 2015 New Year’s Day cutting and glueing my dreams on a piece of poster board. I prayed, I set goals, and I dared to dream a little bigger than I ever have in my whole life.

I imagined a life where my family would be out of debt and we would be settled into a home. I also spent the day holed up setting some pretty crazy professional goals.

Twelve months later….

Check, check, and check.

I still can’t believe it. 2015 has certainly been inspiring.

Some would say it was freak luck, the stars were just aligned, or just that my bad patch had run it’s course.

Let me explain. Just in case we just recently have became friends, I will get you up to speed (short version I promise). Prior to 2015 I found myself personally going through some rough times. You know the biggies…family death(s)… as in multiple…MAJOR life changes…MAJOR life revelations…and a MAJOR move.

There were some days between 2011 and 2014 that I felt like I was just holding on my thumbnails. I doubted, I cried. I cried some more. I got angry. Really angry. And through a series of insane events our family left the suburban world we knew for 17 years in Colorado Springs and moved towards full-time mountain living in Estes Park, CO. Did I mention all of this was MAJOR?! Because it was MAJOR.

Hear me out here, I’m not complaining one bit about those trials or changes. What I experienced was living life. It was just a bit overwhelming. Like everything was coming at me one thing after the other. Can anyone relate? But that season molded me and shaped me. That season made me a stronger person. Those difficult years helped me define who I really was on the inside and why I was struggling so much personally and professionally. I don’t like throwing out empty cliche’s but the trials and changes made me better not bitter. The overwhelming grief that I experienced those years gave me empathy that I simply did not have before. The pain showed me how to be grateful and it grew me up spiritually.

Really, I could go on and on about how good the pain is to help in the adulting process, but instead just read The Problem with Pain by CS Lewis. Trust me.

When I finally experienced such an amazing breakthrough in 2015, I felt liberated.

Nope, it hasn’t been all unicorns and butterflies, but it has been pretty cool.

I witnessed my son graduate from High School. (Moms and dads who have ever held their breath wondering if their children would ever walk across the stage…do you feel me????!!!!! Our boy made it and we were so proud!)


I watched my daughter win a state championship with the Estes Park Marching Band.

Go 2015 EPHS Band!

We took our kids to see an Inspirational and spiritual artist (Billy Joel) and Jeff and I went to see Garth Brooks!

Billy Joel concert with the fam

And I got to do all of this with my best friend. My guy is truly is the best. Aren’t we just adorable together?

Garth with the hubs!

I also worked my fanny off as a Realtor, paid off a crap load of debt (yes that is a technical term), and through a series of mind-blowing instances walked into an opportunity for my family to live in a log home. More on this one later friends. I’m still processing this one myself. Seriously so much to say here…stay tuned…

So why the update now? To encourage you not to give up. To let you know that if it stinks right now in this moment and you can’t breathe keep going. Keep focused. Don’t give up your dreams. Don’t stop setting goals for yourself. If it hurts so bad right now and you can’t see good days ever coming to you again, just hold on.

Because good days will come again. If you have faith. If you have gratitude. And if you continue to love, I promise  there will be more good days. Hold on to hope.

For me, my One Word for 2015 was a catalyst. I needed it to work for me desperately and it pushed my heart and head into overdrive. How does one simple word do this? I have no idea. I have my theories, but nothing scientific.

I just know that Inspire for me worked in 2015. Just like the other One Words have worked in the past. It never looks exactly how I think it will in the end, but it’s always is just what I need. And so I hope this inspires you to pick a word in 2016.

What will it be?









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