Sunday Morning at Sprague Lake

Sunset at Bear Lake, Longs Peak

We’ve been going 100 miles and hour, but the last few days Jeff and I have been able to steal away some quiet moments in our new playground.

Sometimes it’s a drive through waiting on the kids to finish up with practice. Sometimes it’s a quiet Sunday sunrise like the one we witnessed at Sprague Lake. We live in a wonderland. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we are blessed to live here.

Walking up to the Light, Sprague Lake

This was the light just as we walked up to the Sprague Lake:

Sunrise at Sprague Lake 9/28/14

I also like taking pictures of Jeff taking pictures. This morning it looked like this:

Jeff taking pictures at Sprague Lake

Then just when we thought the light show was done, we started back to the Jeep and got to see this…

Sunrise at Sprague Lake 9/28/14

It was a spectacular morning. Although, next time I will bring more coffee. We headed up to Bear Lake, but my pictures didn’t turn out. I did manage though to get some fun shots of the pump house. The ranger told me it is fairly new, but still the architecture of National Park buildings always catches my eye.

Pump House at Bear Lake, RMNP

Friends and family who are thinking about making the trip to visit us we would love to have you. We have a the guest room ready. Rocky Mountain National Park awaits.

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