Career Change 2.0

What are you doing here?

It’s a question that was first presented to me through an old Jewish parable. Essentially the gist is everyone should wake up everyday, look in the mirror, and ask yourself this simple question:

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

It’s a question I’ve tried to ask myself almost everyday for years. Sometimes there’ve been seasons in my life when I’ve forgotten to wake up and ask it. When this happens, I tend to get lost.

Nine months ago I started a job that I thought was THE ONE. The one that would move our family to a place we loved. It would allow me to work for a publication I thought I could get behind. But it turned out I couldn’t and that’s a problem for me. Not being able to get behind your organization’s mission went against everything I knew and taught others to be good and true about honest work.

It didn’t last long. Three months to be exact. My shortest stint ever with an organization. Looking back now there were subtle warning signs that this was not going to be a good fit but I ignored them. I wanted to make it work.

We sold our house. We moved my grandma. We enrolled kids in a new high school. My husband moved his business. It all was a huge risk. But one I would take again in a heartbeat. Looking back on everything now it is clear that we were being called to Estes Park but not for me to take a “j-o-b”.

Estes Park Sign

You see I don’t do “j-o-b-s” well. And that was what I took.

J-o-b-s make people crazy. J-o-b-s are uninspiring and j-o-b-s make you feel small.

In the thick of the drama this past spring I remembered the question. In the back of my mind it started as a whisper…

What are you doing here?

Once everything surrounding the “j-o-b” came to a screeching halt (thank God) I was presented with something new. It was an opportunity not to just pursue a j-o-b, but a new career. It was an opportunity to join a team. And it just so happened this career option was something that I always wanted to try.

For years I would pick up housing magazines and flyers and study floor plans. I can’t tell you the amount of time I would research different housing markets and architectural styles just for fun. I loved touring model homes in my spare time and on more than one occasion I thought about taking the plunge and getting my real estate license.

I had people all the time tell me that this was something that they could see me doing. A natural fit. But the timing was never right. My kids were either too small or I was already deeply committed to nonprofit work.

When I got back to asking myself What are you doing here daily, I was able to refocus on my purpose. What do I do best? What makes me excited to get to work everyday?

Helping people. Working with folks to help them find home.

Life of Your Dreams

This has been an underlying theme that has indirectly followed me around in my professional work for years. So this summer after discussions with the hubs, I leaped at the chance to study and take my exam to become a licensed Real Estate Agent for the State of Colorado.

Helping people find home in Estes Park, Colorado.

In the community I love most. In the state that has my heart.

I’m so grateful for the launch of my new career with Alpine Legacy. I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given by the owner and broker and I’m blessed to be apart of a team that is not solely focused on just real estate transactions.  I’m truly able to contribute to a team that is committed to helping people make wise real estate decisions. This is a mission and purpose I can get behind.

I’m also grateful for a community that has embraced us as a family. Leaving the familiarity of Colorado Springs was so much more difficult than I could have ever imagined. Being known is a comfort. Going through a difficult change in a new town could have been excruciating. But Estes Park truly stepped up. At every turn folks loved on us and opened doors. For this reason, I feel more at home here than anywhere else I have ever been in my whole life.

So there you have it. That’s the update friends for those of you who have been wondering. The Abel family is back to building relationships and loving our new community. And I’m back to asking myself the question everyday:

What are you doing here?

Thanks for being patient with me here on the blog while I worked it all out. I look forward to getting back to sharing my life with you all again.





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