Easy Deviled Eggs

Julie's Easy Deviled EggsHappy Easter everyone! As you’re preparing for fun meals with your families I wanted to share with you my easy deviled egg recipe. Every year I giggle to myself that we make “deviled” eggs for the two holidays that celebrate Jesus Lord and Savior of the Universe. I’m quirky like that. But I like to think Jesus thinks it is a little ironic as well.

My friend Laura explained to me yesterday that her aunt being the good southern woman she was, refused to ever devil her eggs. She was telling me how she “dressed” hers instead. The difference is if you use pickles then your eggs are officially deviled. Well I devil the Hades out of mine.

My recipe is quick and easy. I don’t use vinegar or a ton of ingredients. My philosophy is Easter should be the easiest dinner of all of the the major holidays.


Here is what you will need:

At least a dozen eggs boiled eggs pealed (seriously your family will hate you if you don’t make more)

Miracle Whip (Let’s not argue here about mayo or Miracle Whip. There is no arguing. MIRACLE WHIP)

Vlasic Sweet Relish



Ingredients for Easy Deviled Eggs

Next you will need to remove the hard yokes from your eggs and I like to mix mine in my Kitchen Aid (use the whisk attachment)

Hard boiled eggs, yokes removed

I mush them all fine with a fork in the bowl.

Now this is where it gets tricky. I don’t really measure my ingredients out. I’m a taste and see kind of cook. I always have been.

I actually use about 3 serving spoons full of Miracle Whip, 2-3 actual table spoons (you know the kind you eat with?) of relish, and 1-2 squirts (I know I’m being very technical here) of mustard.

My family likes their eggs salty so I also put a palmful of the salt in my hand and throw that in.

I then whip the yoke until it is nice and fluffy. YUM.

Deviled Egg Mix in the Kitchen Aid

This year I had a kitchen companion waiting patiently for me to drop something. Isn’t he a cutie?

Monroe our sheepadoodle waiting for me to drop some food

Once everything is mixed up, you then spoon the mixture into the eggs. If you like you can sprinkle some paprika on top. I personally don’t think paprika has any taste whats so ever, but my son Jake likes it. He says they aren’t real deviled eggs with out it.

We have a tradition in our house that I always make the “pretty” eggs for the table and the “uglies” (and you will have uglies) are the testers for the night before. Jake always gets the first tester.

Jake testing the uglies

This year we are enjoying our first Easter in Estes Park, CO. We will be going to a new church for the first time, picking up grandma Freda for lunch and enjoying a very lazy day. This easy recipe for deviled eggs is great because I make them the night before. It is one less side dish I have to think about and it goes great with ham and potatoes. How about you? What dishes do you like to celebrate with for Easter?

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He is risen!





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