One Word Re-Cap


I’m a simple person. I love simple beauty. I don’t like clutter or fluff.

Long's Peak

I don’t like flowery words or decor’. My personal style is simple.

That is why I love One Word.

I don’t make resolutions simply because they don’t stick. But a theme for a year? That has legs.

For three years now I’ve done this and it is always amazing to me how the theme of the year plays out.

My One Word Theme for 2013

In 2013 my one word was Determined: Processing or displaying resolve.

Determined in 2013


Wow. Did I EVER process or display resolve in 2013.

In my One Word post last year I made promises to myself and shared it with the world. They were simple, just like me.

I was determined to make a difference.

I was determined to live well.

I was determined to love much.

I was determined to create.

I was determined to inspire others.

I was determined to be kind.

I was determined to be faithful.

Some promises I made were easier to keep than others. Some I had so much determination that I locked on to them like a bull dog and didn’t let go until they came to life.

What surprised me about being determined in 2013? It often played out differently than what I thought it would when the year started. I already shared recently about Monroe our Sheepadoodle. I was determined to get a dog in 2013 even if my husband was not quite sure. How Monroe came into our lives and when he did was such a surprise. But even more than that, the healing he brought with his cuteness was unexpected.

Monroe the Sheepadoodle

Being determined to love much meant experiencing some pain. Being determined to inspire others meant becoming more vulnerable than I wanted at times. Being determined to create meant having the discipline to sit in the chair everyday and pour out my soul. I ended up writing  and creating art that I did not expect. Poetry and sketches emerged. Some were dark, some where funny, but all were birthed out of God giving me the resolve to create them.

Determined to Create


Do I have any regrets in 2013? Only a few and they are minor. I wish I would have read more. I wish I would have climbed more than one 14er with my friend Bekah and I wish I would have been kinder to my family while I worked through my personal junk.

But all of these reflections leave me understanding that all is grace.

God willing, there will be time to work on those things in 2014.

And while I am still determined, because you see this theme will always be apart of me, I have a new one word theme for 2014.

What is it you ask?

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I will share it.

Like all of the others, it surprised me.



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