Christmas Will Always Come

Insanity. The last month has been crazy for me and my family. Let me recap.


Apply for job in Estes Park.

Interview for job a week later.

Accept job offer in Estes Park a week after that.


Prep house to be put on the market. THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING.

Transition current job.

Try to find a place to live in Estes while my family stays here and I start new job January 13th.

To say that my head is spinning is an understatement. Every morning I find myself waking up to two intense feelings. They are:

1. Giddiness of the thought of moving to a community I love in just a few weeks.

2.Complete terror of how in the world this is all going to work out for our family.

My daily mantra has been this: “I will not panic. God is good. He has brought us this far, he will work out the details. I will not panic.”

While I have been transitioning, I also realize that there is this thing called Christmas coming up. Soon.

Ask me what I have done to prepare? Go ahead…

That would be a big fat NOTHING.

No tree. No Christmas cards. No shopping.

Christmas for me this year has been background noise.

But the King always comes.

I realized it this week going to work at Family Life Services when our resident host couple gave birth to a son a few weeks earlier than expected.

FLS Christmas

There is something special about a baby at Christmas time…I don’t know…call me old fashioned, but isn’t that the most perfect gift of all?

Baby Declan

So this week the excitement of a tiny baby has reminded me that all things happen in God’s timing. Everything will work out. The Lord is not surprised by anything in my life. That no matter how I feel, Christmas will always come. God will show up.

We finally put up our Christmas tree this week.

Abel ChristmasTree

So Christmas will come. It always does.

Praise God.


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