Once Around the Sun

Colorado SkyWe have a book in our family room purchased in 2007 on a vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

Once Around the Sun.

It is one of those books where I almost love the title as much as the actual pictures in the book. The whole concept the author/photographer was going for is to show the ebb and flow of nature throughout one whole year in America’s first national park.

This year my life has had a once around the sun feel to it.


This time last year the holidays started off rough. I was moving my grandma into assisted living. I was also beginning a season about this time last year that rocked my world and forced me to work through some tough family junk and grief that I had left unresolved in my heart for years. Eventually with a lot of grace, I began to open up myself to healing and new possibilities.

A new office emerged for Rocky Mountain Media Group. In our living room.

rm2g headquarters

We visited fun new places to serve clients.

We got a new family dog who has totally grown my heart more than I could ever imagine.

We had humorous visits with grandma in her new home.

Grandma with Monroe

Then it got tough. Fires, Floods.

I watched the communities in the state I love struggle to make sense of it all. It was almost too much to take in.

And we experienced victories. The kids plowed along with school and activities.


Our Rocky Mountain Media Group clients grew.

Some of our amazing rm2g clients!

I continued to love my work at Family Life Services, but I started to feel the wind of change in my heart. I began to wrestle with God, I felt like Jacob in Genesis. Wrangling and trying to figure out who I was and what I was called to do next. Then something unexpected began to unfold. But isn’t that the way it always works?

I felt God leading me to leave a job and staff I loved. I was to help through a major transition, but to make plans to leave room for new leaders to guide the organization into the next stage of the ministry’s journey. So I started planning my exit.

Then my trip around the sun took an even more unexpected turn.

Jeff and I found ourselves being offered an opportunity that we always thought maybe, if all of the stars aligned, would be possible for us in a couple of years. After the kids finished high school. Once we would be situated in a place where we could easily move our business and grandma. You know, that always distant someday.

I’m finding out this year that God often doesn’t work in our planning cycles. Sometimes, He speeds things up. He allows events to happen in our personal revolutions that are completely a surprise and can only be classified as simple gifts. Grace.

Especially if the events involve us taking a step huge leap of faith to get the ball going. The spiritual and emotional benefits potentially can be huge. Let me explain…

If you have known our family for any length of time, you know we love Colorado. We love the mountains. We love adventure. And we love exploring this state in our Jeep, Ruby.

Our Jeep Rubicon Ruby

Personally, I have another deep love connection with Colorado. I LOVE Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Our whole family does. If ever I have had an emotional tie with a place and people it is there. Over the dozens of trips we have made to Estes Park over the last sixteen years as a family, I feel more at peace and centered there than any place I have ever been in this whole wide world.

Rocky Mountain National Park

And now this very special place is calling. I have recently been offered a position with Colorado Life Magazine. It seemed to have popped up out of nowhere. I sent a resume thinking there is no way they would call.

They did. And now we have to answer.

So this week we are putting our house up for sale and we are starting to make plans.

There are a million questions we don’t have the answers to yet.

But we continue to move forward.

A year ago if you would have told me that this is what I would be pursuing or where we would be heading I would have laughed (if I wasn’t too busy crying).

Today, on this week of Thanksgiving I can only trust. Trust the God who continues to lead our family, and trust that He wants us in Estes Park to be apart of this very special community and a new work.

Looking back, almost 365 days later, I am grateful for my trip around the sun. Even if at times it was a bumpy ride. I’m still in a bit of shock, but I’m grateful.

Now, do you know anyone who wants to buy a house?



  1. Holy! Of course you gotta trust God, there are no other options for people with deep faith — like you. All blessings as your next adventure begins.

  2. Peg Wiederholt says:

    I am so happy for all of you and SO SAD for me and our staff. You have been a blessing, not only to this ministry, but to each of us. I will miss you more than you will know. You will be great at your new calling. Go get ’em girl!

  3. Congrats! How cool! We love Estes Park!

  4. Al De La Roche says:

    Julie, it’s been a ride and you have been faithful to your calling. Now, you have a new call on your life, and though it will be difficult for some, I pray that your path ahead will be clear and rewarding for you and your family. I will be sorry to see you guys leave…but oh so excited to hear about how God uses you and RMMG in your next season! Blessings friend!

  5. Julie, Wow! What a year it’s been. I’m excited for you and yours as you take this leap!

  6. Laura Beth "LB" Trucks says:


    This is definitey exciting, scary and such a God ordained event in your life and the life of your family! I cannot believe how much your children have grown up!

    Many Blessings on your next chapter,

    LB 🙂

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