The Name I Don’t Mind Being Called~ Storyteller

I’ve been affirmed by some close peeps lately. The ones that I have found that I am brave enough to say what if to and not worry about what they will think. I eat up their words of encouragement like my puppy Monroe waiting patiently for me to drop meat when I cook. I also know that if my what if sounded lame, they would tell me. It makes their words even sweeter.


When I was a little girl, if my Grandma Freda called me a storyteller, it was usually a bad thing. It usually meant I was telling a fib.

Today, I’m not ashamed to say my heart grows inside my chest every time I hear the words:

Julie you are a storyteller. 



1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who tells stories
2. Informal a liar
In my pursuit to write fiction and bring life to the characters that have been taking up space in my head for years…
I’ll take it. What they don’t say to me is:
Julie your grammar is terrible and you can’t spell worth a damn. Or…
Julie what you really need is a degree in English first. Or…
Julie what you are doing is a huge waste of time and will never amount to anything.
The words they say are the words that I need to hear right now. They call me a name that I can accept.
They call me a storyteller. 
Their words are moving me forward.
Thank you. You know who you are friends.
What words of affirmation do you need to say to someone in your life today? It could make all of the difference.


  1. Julie,

    Always love to hear what’s on your heart and mind!


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