Sheepadoodle Saturday

Monroe "Stormageddon" Abel

I have a hard time with focusing on now. I always have. I like the future.

When I first took the Clifton Strength Finder I was validated. There it was. Futuristic.

Yesterday has moved on and the present is just a space for me to think about tomorrow. It is how God has wired me. I have always processed this way. It makes me a pretty optimistic even through difficult times. Just like little Orphan Annie, I find myself thinking about tomorrow.

But when you spend so much time thinking about tomorrow, you can become useless in the right now.

Today becomes difficult to enjoy. Sometimes I am not  aware of the blessings that are right in front of my face because I can have the tendency to mentally escape to the future. What do I need to do to get ready for ___? Where else do I need to be? Who do I need to talk with?

So, I have been really challenging myself over the last few months to be intentional about living in the present. In the Land of the Living. A space where I have my own personal tethering to today.

Recently it has looked like this….

Monroe the Sheepadoodle

Let me officially introduce you to Monroe “Stormageddon” Abel and Sheepadoodle Saturday.

He is just way too cute not to post pictures of him regularly.

Sheepadoodle and Chuck Converse

Seriously? Do you see what I’m saying? He is just toooooo sweet.

Moroe the Sheepadoodle and his ball

We adopted Monroe from ACC Ranch last week and he already has my heart.

Puppies will do that.

He has helped me to be patient.

Monroe likes my track pants

But more thank anything else the Lord is using Monroe to remind me what it looks like  to stay focused on right now, in the moment. I don’t need to go mentally rushing off to tomorrow just yet.

I hope Monroe does the same for you today.

What do you love about your pets?




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