Going Dark to Get to the Light

It has been a while. I know.

I have missed blogging, sort of.

You see I’ve been taking some time for myself.

It has been a difficult couple of months for me personally. Last fall I stumbled into a dark week that lasted a few months. It was major drama.

Gloomy Pikes Peak

And I’m not talking bump in the road drama. I’m talking As the World Turns Level 5 This is Insane drama.

So I went dark. I had to. I was in self-preservation mode for a while. I had to prioritize my relationship with God, myself, family and work. That was it. Nothing else made the cut. And so this blog went lifeless and limp.

I spent time wrestling with the Lord, loving my family, and working.

We all need times when we pull away from the extemporaneous and just focus. Time to rehearse all the things God writes as truth in our hearts as children to help us find sold ground as adults. I’ve started calling it going dark to get to the light.

It is OK. Turns out things like blogs, Twitter, speaking engagements and extras will be there when you get back to the light.

So what did I learn about myself during my time going dark?

I like to write. I like to write for myself. I’ve spent hours and hours creating, drafting, scrawling and free styling.

I learned that honest writing is at my core a major part of who I am. It is a gift that I was neglecting for a long time.

Going dark to get to the light, I realized that this type of writing looks different than blogging. During this particular season, I am fighting to bring my writing to a place where I tell the truth. Where it is inspiring and honest. You can’t always deliver that through a blog—at least I found I couldn’t and wasn’t. So I stopped.

Quitting my blog for a while helped bring me back to the light, along with getting by with a little help from my friends. Sorry. I couldn’t resist an old school song lyric. Especially since I’ve been writing old school now for months.

Blue pen to spiral notebook paper. Hundreds of pages of notebook paper. Hundreds.


God used this method to help me find myself. I learned that you don’t always have to push publish to be heard. You don’t always have to be public to create art.

Honestly? I’m still getting my voice just right, so I am slowly easing back to the blog. Back to where I can stand in the light again.

Thanks for allowing me the space.

How about you? When have you ever had to pull away from something to get clarity? Or have you ever had to go into your own darkness to get to the light?

I’d love to hear about your experience.









  1. Michelle says:

    So glad you are blogging again…real truth to inspire!

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