This Has Legs

This has legs

It is a strange saying. One I use often. A saying I can identify with.

It reminds me of when I was in junior high and my friends called me Bird.

Kids called me Bird because I had long knobby ostrich legs that didn’t quite fit the rest of my body.

The nickname stuck.

Thanks to Facebook sometimes the Bird reference resurfaces.

Like I said, I don’t mind because it reminds me where I am right now with work, and my work is personal. So there is a connection. Hang with me here…

I’ve got several projects in the cooker that I find myself saying to myself and others~ This has legs.

Projects and ideas that  God willing, have the potential to get up off the couch and walk down the road. All on their own. Ideas that could inspire others.

Honestly? These ideas scare me a bit. But those are the best ideas to feed aren’t they? They ones that intimidate you, stretch you? The ones that you know once they start moving forward will change you, change others, and give hope. The ones that require sacrifice and determination.

These ideas could take off. Maybe not all of them. But some of them. They could not only stay in my head where they have been living for a very long time. They could crawl out and grow a life of their own.

Saying this has legs is not only a wish, but a prayer to dare.

I’ve not been blogging recently because the legs of these other things right now are getting stretched. And they need to have my undivided attention. Be patient with me. I hope to bring some of you into the race with me if the legs get strong enough for a run.

Until then. You can call me Bird if you like.

What are you working on right now that has legs?

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