Be Determined to Make a New Friend in 2013

I received a new gift in the mail this weekend.

When I ripped open the package this was what was in it…


In honor of my One Word for 2013, she told me she saw it and had to get it for me.

Because we are new friends, she has no idea how much this means to me right now

at this crazy point in my life.

New friends are awesome.

God opens doors at various times of our lives to encounter people who see you for who you truly are. They understand immediately what God has created you to be, based on their own journey.  It is an exciting experience and one that is full of grace. You feel like you have known them forever.

Kindred souls.

I want to encourage you to be determined to make a new friend in 2013.

Be a blessing and speak truth to someone who needs your friendship.

It could make all of the difference.


  1. What a cute and thoughtful gift! Good thoughts.

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