The Week Between

This week is my favorite of the whole year—this week between Christmas and New Years Day.

Christmas Advent

The week I clean the house, fix hot meals, slow down to actually think.

The week that I journal, and dream up new book ideas that I will not write and watch movies with my kids. I also tend to work out like a mad woman because I ate too much on Christmas.

This week, when the world seems to take a deep breath, I set new goals and dream all of the beautiful places I want to see in the next year.

Dreaming of 2013

I also like to do things like go to the movies, write new blog posts and take the time to clean out my closet.

If I am lucky…I can finally talk my husband into watching Downton Abbey with me, drink 7 Up and white grape juice, read a book and actually get all of my laundry done. Twice.

I know it isn’t sexy but, that is what I do during the week between. And it gives me rest for my soul.

What about you? What are you doing this week?


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