Food Steward

I spent most of the weekend planning and strategizing like an army general going to war. You know what I was doing?

I was planning our family’s nutritional goals for 2013.

Our favorite breakfast. Chicken sausage with onions and peppers.

Our favorite breakfast. Chicken sausage with onions and peppers.

As self proclaimed Food Steward of the Abel family, this is my primary responsibility.

A responsibility that I didn’t take seriously until last year.

A responsibility that until my husband decided to get crazy about loosing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle that I shirked.

"Before" unhealthy food we would regularly eat.

“Before” unhealthy food we would regularly consume.

A responsibility that in the past, I made excuses to refuse to change because honestly, for our family…

It would be too expensive.

It would take too much time.

I worked. Full time.

My kids would never eat that stuff.

My husband would never eat that stuff.

I would never eat that stuff.

I didn’t know how to shop for real food.

I didn’t know how to cook something that wasn’t semi-packaged.

My kids would feel left out if they didn’t have the same foods that their friends ate.

We would never go to a restaurant again.

I really liked McDonalds.

And on and on and on….

Do the excuses sound familiar?

Looking back on our  year of eating a primarily paleo, I am thankful. I am thankful that last year, I took the time to learn about whole foods, nutrition, and why this is such a big deal.

"After" food. Real, whole food.

“After” food. Real, whole food.

I am thankful that my husband took the first step, and made himself accountable. I am thankful that as 2013 rolls around, we can start fresh again, reset and renew by diving into another family infused Whole 30.

It will be hard work. It will take discipline and planning.

The brunt of the food prep and planning will fall on me. But that is OK. I have some great back up.

I take my role as Food Steward seriously now. And that has made all of the difference.

"Before" Pics of me and the hubs

“Before” Paleo

Pagosa Springs Vacation

“After” Paleo

Would you dare to join us  for our next Whole 30 in January? If not what excuse is stopping you?

Just or fun, if you are interested in reading more about our family’s journey into a healthier lifestyle last year check out Jeff’s Crazy Idea.  There we bore our souls (and kitchen pantry) with the world. We also shared our struggles and victories. There are also some helpful tips I shared from a mom’s perspective similar to this post. Let me know if you are considering making a life change for your family. I would love to encourage you along the way. After all we are in this together.




  1. LOVE chicken sausage!! You guys look great! I love the Paleo diet!!

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