Friday with Freda ~ Prayers for Transition

I have so many things to write about my life with Freda since she moved in with our family. So many funny, hard, sweet and long-lasting memories have been made with her and my kids.

But today, I just can’t. Today, I need your prayers. Today Jeff and I are taking Grandma to visit a assisted living facility, because we are at the point where her needs are becoming move than our family can provide.

And this is hard to accept.

Today is one of those days that I hate being the one responsible. But yet, all at the same time, it is a privilege.

Will you lift up a prayer for our family today friends? Will you offer prayers for transition?

Prayers for peace? Prayers for Freda? Prayers for God to work through this difficult time?

And as we walk this path, I am reminded that there are so many families out there who are making the same type decisions for loved ones. Know you are not alone. I am offering prayers for your transition as well.


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