Friday with Freda ~ Assisted Living is Kind of Like College

Thank you friends for all of your prayers yesterday. It took all day, but Jeff and I were able to get Grandma all set up in her new digs. I am excited that I was able to find a place for her that is a true assisted living facility that suits her needs. It also helps that this place is only two minutes from my work. So I have quick access during my lunch and after work to visit her.

Freda right away has fallen in love with the staff. She is excited to have her own room now, and although she hasn’t said it, I’m pretty sure she likes the idea being off the Jeff’s Crazy Idea routine a bit. They served spaghetti and garlic bread last night for dinner and she was in heaven.

I should also mention that Jeff set her up with her own candy jar. Yep, he is still spoiling her. I had to chuckle to myself while settling her in yesterday. She leans over to me and whispers (not really cause old people are still loud when the whisper, but you get the point) ~ “Well at dinner tonight I noticed everyone here is old and on medicine! I’m in way better shape so I will be fine.” Hilarious Grandma.

As I prayed throughout the hectic day for God to comfort her, and help her to relax in her new home, I kept thinking that the whole situation is kind of like college. When parents go and pick out new bedding and towels for their kids. Setting them up, making sure they know where the cafeteria, rec room and snacks are kept. You drive away wondering how the first night will go. I’m anxious this morning to go see her today and get a feel for how she did last night.

My friend Nancy writes about taking her mom to assisted living for the first time and it reminded her of camp. Whatever the connection you make, it is still dropping off a piece of yourself into something unknown and that is scary. For everyone involved.

I can’t wait to see what new friends Freda makes, and who our family can connect with during our times of visiting her there. Jessa for sure will have some adjustment to make. She had the most difficult time with the idea of Grandma moving out, but she too has realized for Grandma’s safety it was time. Please continue to pray for all of us as we transition. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road, but we feel the peace of the Lord knowing that everything has happened in His timing.

I will be continuing my Friday with Freda posts, because even though she is no longer physically living with us, I still will be having a whole new set of experiences with this new stage. As I have walked this most recent journey, so many people have asked me advice on how to pick a facility, what to expect and how to prepare loved ones for the move.  Since I feel like one of the first of my peers to experience all this, I pray God uses me to help others.

But still  this morning, I’m really just wondering if she made it to the dining hall ok.




  1. Oh, Julie, thanks so much for the words and the pictures. You did a great job of setting up her room. I will be checking in on her every Wed. morning, too, and inviting her to join in our Bible study group. YES! It’s so much like dropping off a kid at camp or college, right down to wanting to help them make friends AND worrying if they found the dining hall!! So proud of how all of you are making this transition. Praise God. (And too funny about the spaghetti and garlic bread!!) Big hugs.

    • Thank you so much Nancy for all of your help and support. It gives me peace knowing that someone like you will be checking in on her and inviting her to your Bible Study.

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