A Stewardship Challenge

My Journey

Many of you know that our family has been on an amazing journey since January when my husband got this crazy idea to get healthy. I thought it was going to be all him. Looking back, I too needed to make some personal changes.

It has not always been easy. At the beginning of the year when I chose my one word for 2012 as Steward, I had no idea that this concept would permeate everything.

Work and Family.

How silly of me.


But I am learning. Oh how I am learning. As I strive to live out this concept of  steward for my work and familyI know that one of the things I can do is inspire and challenge others. As I have gotten on board with my husband’s insanity, our whole family has benefited. I can’t believe how far we have come! So to share the health love and inspiration, over on Jeff’s Crazy Idea blog yesterday I threw down a challenge.

The Three Things Throw Down

While it can be looked at on the surface as a health challenge, this is actually is a stewardship challenge. If you are interested in making a change to you and your family’s health, will you consider joining us for 30 days? You can get the details here. But in a nutshell I’m calling friends to eliminate just 3 things for 30 days. Starting today through November 21st (just in time for Thanksgiving) I am asking friends to say no to the following things that are undeniably unhealthy:

1. Soda & Candy

2. Refined Carbs and…

3.Fried Foods

Join me in this challenge. It truly is a step to responsible living. Not just a health challenge but…

A Stewardship Challenge. 

Are you with me?

Join the Community

You can join our Facebook Group for support for the next 30 days to get inspiration and to encourage others who have committed to the challenge.


  1. Katie Stedman says:

    This whole concept of stewardship and the need to exhibit self-control is something the Lord has really been dealing with me on lately, too. It seems so easy to put health and good choices somewhere in a different category from the rest of our lives – a category where we have no accountability and where no responsibility need be taken for our choices. I feel very convicted about how I live on a daily basis in this area, and I’m so happy to be teamed up with a bunch of other people who see this as an area where we can all improve and where we can expect to see the Lord’s blessing as we strive to become good stewards of our bodies and lives. Go Team!

  2. Like like like!! So glad you are joining us!!!

  3. Julie–Those are things I already avoid but sadly it doesn’ t seem to make any difference in terms of weight loss. But I pledge to recommit for sure! Thanks.

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