Friday with Freda ~ Lunch Anyone?

This week’s Friday with Freda is simple. I have shared with you before about how Grandma likes Jeff more than me. Here is one of the reasons why.

I make her simple oatmeal for breakfast. When he is home he fixes stuff like this:

Then there is lunch. Most of the time, I have to make her something to stick in the fridge, like a salad. Very uninspiring.

When Jeff is home with her he makes her these amazing gourmet sandwichs. They look like this:


Lunch anyone?

I can’t compete with this. No wonder she loves him more.

This week, try to go the extra mile for a special senior in your life. Cook them a hot meal, run them to the store or just listen to their stories. You may learn something you didn’t know before.

Jeff spoiling my Grandma with food is one of the ways he goes the extra mile for her. And really I’m not jealous, I am thankful to have a husband who cares so much about her. I am blessed.



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