Friday with Freda ~ A Guest Post

This week’s Friday with Freda is a guest blog from my friend Ivette Diaz. Ivette has a unique perspective on our family because sometimes when Jeff and I have to leave town for rm2g business, she stays with the kids and grandma. She is a true blessing to me, and has a heart for family unlike anyone else I have ever known. I hope you enjoy Ivette’s reflections, and take the time to check out her personal blog. She is a beautiful woman of God with an amazing heart.

Getting to spend time with Freda and the kiddos in Jeff and Julie’s absence has been a gift. It’s allowed me get to know these three in  much more personal way and we’ve made some great memories while we’re at it: Dance parties in the living room,  dishwasher mishaps (may the Ice Cream Scoop rest in peace) a picnic at the park and even done some aerobics led by Freda herself! But more than memory-making, I’ve also learned a lot from this bunch, especially Freda.

Freda has reminded me that life is short, but it’s also long and the choices I make today will be the memories that keep me company in the long run. She reminds me that questions are powerful, being known is invaluable and gratitude is life-giving. She reminds me that home will always be home no matter where I go and that friendships await us in unexpected places and that you can be an avid coffee drinker and still live a long and healthy life.

Like all good, girl friendships ours consists of lots of talking. I’ve taken to calling her, “Grandma” and  I pepper her with questions. Before long  she’s sharing her memories and wisdom with me.

Me: Grandma, how did you manage to stay out of debt when you were facing hard times?

Freda: If you didn’t have for it, you went without. I didn’t have much so I didn’t know what I was missing.

Me: Grandma, were you hard to get?

Freda: No. ‘cuz I liked him right away. He was the only one for me.

Me: Grandma, how come you never re-married?

Freda: I didn’t believe in it. Never wanted anyone to take his place…Men are only after one thing.  I had it and I was done. (laugh)

We laugh quite a bit. We also cry. Memories bring longing sometimes, don’t they? She apologizes for it and calls herself a big, bawl baby. I assure her that it’s okay and that I’m  the biggest bawl baby there is.

In these weekend snapshots into her life, tender-hearted , hard-working Freda is teaching me how to live a grateful life and how to be a good friend.

When I returned to spend the weekend this time, I wasn’t so sure how well Grandma would remember me or all the stories we shared last time, but  she did and I think we’re officially friends forever. Yesterday, while we were sitting at the park she said she hopes I will follow close behind her when it comes time for her to go to heaven. “Well , not too soon,” she said. “Wait ‘til you’re 100.”



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