Abiding in Praise ~ A Psalm for Vocation

Yesterday I posted this status on Facebook. As I read over it later, and talked with folks who inquired privately about my passion for my work something dawned on me. I realized what I had posted was kind of personal psalm to the Lord:

The stillness of this house and the beautiful light that comes shining through on Fridays when I am here by myself is rest for my soul. I know the calm comes after an evening of intense ministry where hurting families have gathered to find peace. The ticking of the clock serves as a wonderful reminder to me of the rhythm of ministry that has taken place here for 70 years. I am thankful to be apart of it ~Family Life Services.

Let me explain…On Thursday nights at Family Life Services our resident single-moms that participate in our housing program meet for support group. It helps moms process their week, learn from each other and get encouragement from a compassionate staff to keep going. While this is going on, our amazing child and youth staff and volunteers mentor, have fun, and love on our 17+ children who also may need some extra care and support. To the outside onlooker it is organized, beautiful, chaos.

And this activity alone, while it is amazing, isn’t even the only thing we have going on. By all means, Family Life Services is busting at the seams with ministry activity and service that helps modern-day widows and orphans. This year we took on an outreach component that is critical to local families to help them build a support network and find hope. I hope to share more about this later with you, but as you can probably tell, if you get me talking about Family Life Services I can go on and on and on.

Since God moved me to join the staff there in 2009, Fridays have become my special day. You see the office is closed by appointment only, and some Fridays, like the one I experienced yesterday, I get this beautiful grand house to myself. Our Resident Host Couple that live up stairs may come by to say hi, and sometimes they leave me snacks, which I LOVE.

But most Fridays it is creaky, and quiet, and Holy.

This week as I rest and abide, I thank God for my experiences at Family Life Services. I am abiding in praise, creating a psalm for my vocation. I am thankful to the Lord for His call on my life at this season to steward this special place and the amazing group of people who serve and are served there. It is the most life-changing vocational experience I have ever had.

I am humbled and blessed. This week of abiding reminded me once again of that blessing.

What have been your abiding experiences this week? Anything that makes you want to just simply present offers of praise to the Lord? Please join the True Vine Challenge community and share.


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  1. What a wonderful ministry you are a part of. I deeply respect your commitment to these women. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about abiding with the rest of us.

  2. What an awesome realization, your own personal praise, flowing naturally, rather than contrived. From a place of abiding!

    Somewhere this week, I read Zeph. 3:17 and guess what caught my eye? “He will quiet you with his love.” Rest. But it’s also “to be silent” and “to imagine” or “engrave.” God rejoices over us, and gives us our identity. Again, there it is.

    In the margin of my Bible, I have a name written beside it. The lady who spoke the words to me for the very first time, right in the middle of divorce and single momhood.

    It’s time we talk again!

  3. Julie–That old house felt like home to me the first time I walked in and it still does. How it blesses my soul to read your words and share your sentiment! And thanks for the reminder to abide.

    • Nancy, thinking about all of the people who came before is another piece of the holiness. God continues to bless others through this special place. I’m excited to see who else He brings through our front doors.

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