A Fun Little Jeep Announcement


Remember a few weeks ago when I shared that I had been praying for something for weeks, but the answer came back loud and clear NO? Yeah, that was not a fun day.

Then something unexpected happened that was a huge YES. Remember? Well I finally get to share with everyone what happened.

Over on the Rocky Mountain Media Group blog today Jeff and I announced to our friends and clients about being contacted by corporate Jeep and being asked to be brand advocates. You can read all about the official announcement here.

I’m still pinching myself. For a year I have been praying for the Lord to bless our business. I had no idea it would take the shape of something like this. Jeff and I truly love our clients and the opportunities we have had this year to share our passion of branding and social media with them.

This opportunity with Jeep will provide a wonderful case study for our work. It will give us another real-life experience to reiterate the importance of creating meaningful opportunities to engage ministry and business advocates.

So you will be hearing more in the weeks ahead. We are scheduled to go to Jeep Jamboree in PA in just a few weeks. Work and family here on my blog often includes my talking about Ruby, our Jeep Rubicon. This upcoming experience will only add to the fun.

Thank you friends for sharing the excitement and joy with us!



  1. I am so happy for you and Jeff! This opportunity is so huge and you are going to rock it! Excited to see what the Lord does through this chance. Praying for you guys! 🙂

  2. The Jeep Jamboree sounds just amazing! It proves that not only are you passionate Jeepers but you are also an expert with social media.

    • Joe, we are so thrilled. We are excited about the opportunity this will allow us to gain even more insight to help our clients. Can’t wait to meet so many new people through this experience.

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