Praying for One Thing and Getting Another

I have been praying for something specific for months. EVERYDAY.

Not to be a martyr or anything, but I think I could give the persistent widow a run for her money.

Remember Esau? I’ve also have felt like him too. Begging God “Bless me Father. Don’t you have a special blessing for me?”

God answered my prayer request a few weeks ago in a specific way. He has said “NO“. It was loud and clear. I’m still spinning a bit. It was a huge downer. I know God is not a genie, bla bla bla. But I really thought He would answer the way I wanted because, you know I’m so persuasive and all.

But then something cool happened.

He heaped a major, un-asked-for, crazy, over-the-top blessing on me instead. Unrelated, unrequested, unexpected.

All of this time I was praying for one thing and getting another.

I can’t tell you what the other thing is is just yet, you will have to wait for it.

I’m so excited, to share it with you, my friends.

Looking back on the last few weeks, it does kind of seem like God totally did a parenting number on me. In the Julie International Version I’m sure God sounds something like this:

“Julie, I know you have been asking for this one specific thing, but I’m gonna give you something else instead. I know you don’t understand today, and you didn’t ask for it, but you are going to love it. Really.” ~God

There will be announcements and celebration. Soon. I promise. In the mean time, I am in awe of Him. It felt like God just reached down from heaven and gave me a big sloppy kiss.

Those are the best gifts. The ones that come after major disappointment and are completely unexpected. The blessings that you didn’t even ask for.

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? You were praying for one one thing and then God gives you something completely out of the ball park? Share with me, I don’t want to feel alone.


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  1. Julie, you’re not alone …

    I prayed for a job at a specific ministry, and got a wife instead!

    I prayed for a job in something other than magazine publishing, and God gave me responsibility for the most widely circulated magazine in Colorado.

    I was married, and I began the magazine job, in the same month, July 2010.

    God is amazing. His provision is just what we need, at just the right time.

    • Tom- I saw your magazine in the work out room yesterday! I picked it up and was like- I KNOW what that is!! So it truly must be well circulated. I’m still trying to figure out what it all has to do with each other, and may not ever know, but I am trusting Him. I was so disappointed a few weeks ago. But then this “thing” cropped up. All I can say is He is good and gives perfect gifts.

  2. You’re pregnant? 😉

    Love the bla bla bla. Girl, we are cut from the same cloth! Can’t wait to hear what God has in store, and so grateful that He gave you beyond all that you could ask or think.

  3. During the last days I lived in New Zealand, I was writing a blog post to my supporters about how nothing was working out for my trip home – I hadn’t sold my car, and on and on, and I didn’t know if God was going to provide. I had to get online at Starbucks. I had been sitting at the front of the coffee shop, but someone was smoking outside and coming in when the door opened, so I moved to the back. There I was blogging away about how nothing was working out and God wasn’t protecting me. That’s when a barista came up to me and said, “Excuse me. Is this your purse?”

    I had left my purse at my original location. It was sitting there for anyone to steal, just days before my prepaid airplane flight. There God was, protecting me while I whined about Him. It was sort of an aha moment!

    Also, a few months later, upon returning to Oklahoma to finish my master’s degree, I specifically prayed to NOT be distracted by boys in the coming semester since I had to write a thesis and all. I met Kevin the next day. He’s still a distraction, but a good one.

    • Oh my Sarah! How hilarious! God for sure has a sense of humor. I love the story about your purse. Also- I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard young people praying NOT to be distracted by the opposite sex only to find their spouse. I think that actually happened to Jeff right before he met me :).


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