Leader Use Your Vacation Time

Today I am sharing an archived post I did a few years ago on the importance of using your vacation time. Recently I was at a state-wide meeting with non-profit leaders and they were talking about how they rarely feel like they can take time off. How sad! Many times ministry leaders personally have a hard time justifying taking time off. I don’t have that problem and this post explains why. 

Recently some friends had to decline a vacation condo in Pagosa Springs, CO due to prior work commitments. They knew that Jeff and I love exploring our home state with our family and asked if we would be interested in going in their place. Hum…give me two seconds to think about this…SURE!

So this week our family has been resting in a beautiful mountain setting enjoying each other. What does this have to do with ministry management? Everything. You see I come across so many leaders who carry their unused vacation time like a badge of honor. They roll it over year to year, and many times because they work for a church or ministry don’t have the resources to convert that time to anything but missed opportunity.

I come at this with a very different viewpoint. If I don’t use my vacation time with my family, I feel like I have cheated them and myself with time and memories. Time off for me means time to explore new ideas and gain God’s vision for what I’m doing that matters for Him.

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes, often times while on vacation I check my e-mail, I blog and I check-in with my Office Manger. But I take the time. I take the time off because it gives life to my work when I come off the mountain.

Leader, plan your next week off today. Your ministry and family will be grateful that you did.

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