Hiking a 14er

I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

Earlier this Summer when I climbed Pike’s Peak for the first time, I thought I was getting hooked. Smitten with a newfound love.

But still, I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Hiking a 14er. The very concept seems so strange for a suburban mommy who drives a Ford Freestyle and runs carpool between business meetings. I also like saying I’m hiking a 14er too, because it makes me feel so…not boring.

This weekend my friend Bekah and I are checking Mount Bierdstadt off our lists. I think I might have even talked Jeff into going as well. It is considered one of the easiest 14ers in Colorado to climb. But still, I’m reminded that there is no such thing as a easy 14er. The weather can change quickly, and above the tree line anyone can be pressed. I’m sure there will be newΒ cairns to guide our path.

As I prepare to get up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow for the trek (yes, that is an official time), I will be pondering the last part of John 15:

He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

Without Jesus I can do nothing. Nothing.

I praise God who gives me strength and nerve to do this tomorrow.

Will you say a prayer for me friends?



  1. Yes, I am praying for you…and a smidge jealous too! I miss climbing, but my day will come again πŸ™‚
    Be safe and have a blast, Julie! Rock the Rockies, girlfriend!!

  2. Girl, you inspire me! Hiking 14 miles? Seriously? That’s amazing. You go!

    And that verse? I was saying it as I wogged 2 miles the other morning.

    Thank you for taking up the True Vine Challenge with me.

    • I love it Cheryl- if only I were hiking 14 miles πŸ™‚ But your reference reminds me to clarify for my east coast peeps. A 14er is any mountain over 14,000 feet. Colorado has the most of any state in the US (54 total although some dispute 55). So I will be hiking 6 miles round trip tomorrow, but at 14 thousand feet.

  3. Know that He climbs each step with you as He calls you up higher, both in the natural and spiritual realm.

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