The True Vine Challenge ~ Abide in Stillness

This week Jeff and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary in Pagosa Springs and Ouray, CO. We haven’t taken a vacation like this alone, since, well never. There have been a few weekends away, and usually they have involved a wedding or staying with relatives. Once or twice a year we get a trip away together for Rocky Mountain Media Group, but that always involves work. We hardly ever get an opportunity to just rest and play.

This week was our time to just be together. Honestly, it has been heaven.

Reflecting on the True Vine Challenge this week, the theme of abide has played heavily on my spirit. I felt the Lord tugging on my soul as I sat on this log and enjoyed the spectacular views from Opal Lake.

I felt it again when I spent time sitting by this waterfall for almost 20 minutes while Jeff snapped pictures.

It was beautiful. How many times do I set the goal of reaching a destination like this, but forget to acknowledge the Creator? This week praying through the John 15 passage, I was able to focus on the Lord’s presence and abide in His stillness. This is a major breakthrough from someone who has a very difficult time being still. Even for just a few minutes.

He is always in the midst of it all, but this week I was able to truly enjoy His companionship. It allowed me to abide in the stillness.

Praise the Lord in His sanctuary.

Will you take this challenge as well and join in the community? You will be so glad you did.



  1. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying your time together, and grateful you’re able to slip away to abide. Congratulations on 18 years! And many more!

  2. I’m glad you had a good time in Ouray and Pagosa Springs. Those are nice towns!

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