Rejoice When We Run Into Problems and Trials? Are You Kidding Me?

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. ~Romans 5:3-4 NLT

I was scheduled to read this today. I need to be honest, I sometimes eye roll when I come across this passage. Just like a teenager, I feel a disdain for this passage from almost a primal level. I don’t like them. These verses make me uncomfortable. And, oh yeah, I don’t like it that I don’t like it. You have been warned.

This Scripture confirms in my heart what I already know in my head. God truly does allow me to go through difficulties at times to build my charter and build my endurance. I know I should rejoice in this (it says so in verse 3) but my flesh wants to grumble. My spirit wants to rebel.

I think I feel this way because problems and trials as a kid meant someone was being mean to me, or hurt my feelings. As I became a young adult, trials and problems meant I didn’t get a job I was hoping for or I suffered some kind of disappointment. Now that I am a full fledged adult with my own children, I like to think I understand these verses a little bit better. But the trials now seem to be more difficult. They mean loved ones sometimes die, people you work with can be difficult, the money doesn’t always come in, people you care about can get sick and friends sometimes lose their homes.

With these adult-sized trials and problems, I am learning to lean more on the Lord and not on my own “insert inflated descriptor to flatter myself here” in order to fix the problem. I told you I was being honest.

Instead, I need to remember to allow God to use trials and problems to become confident in my salvation as a gift– a grace of God. It isn’t easy. But I am trusting Him to help me learn to actually rejoice too when I run into problems and trials.

Even if my initial reaction is as juvanial as an teenage eye roll followed with a “Really God? Really?”





  1. William Flentje says:

    That verse sounds quite similar to James 1:2-3, I think. ‘consider it pure joy when faced with trials of many kinds….’. My first reaction is similar to yours, but then I stop and think about the end result and it is okay.

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