Preparing for Junior High and Other Holy Moments

I’m not one of those mothers who dread the thought of her kids growing up. At least not today. Now ask me this question again in three years when my son graduates and I may have a different answer, but I don’t think so. I have tried to have the philosophy that my job was to allow my kids to just be who they are at each development stage. Not rushing to the next phase too soon or wanting them to stay babies forever- each age should be celebrated and enjoyed, for the most part.

But lets be honest, for almost anyone living in America, Junior High is HELL the hardest school stage. At least it was for me. Remember those pictures of Chelsea Clinton growing up in her tween years? I never made fun of her, because, well, lets just say, I wasn’t far off.

A few weeks ago I got to take Jessa out for a make-over day. She is entering into the wonderful world of Junior High as well as turning 13 this fall so she wanted to make some changes. And you know what? I was honored to be her escort into this world. Helping her prepare for this next stage was one of those holy moments as a mother that I know I will treasure for years to come.

Jessa’s before picture outside of the mall.

Be honest. This really doesn’t hurt right?

Please don’t leave me this way!

No going back now!

Almost done.

Jessa’s after picture outside of the mall.

What about you? If you are a parent, what stage did you enjoy helping your kids prepare for? What made it fun or memorable?


  1. Stephanie says:

    Julie, she will never forget that day. I still remember my mom taking me to the mall to have someone teach me how to apply makeup properly. My mom wasn’t big on it at the time (though later I was privileged to be the one to show her) but she knew that it was important to me and so she gave me the tools and opportunity to learn to do it right. It made a big difference – not only in applying eyeliner but in other areas of life as well.

    • Awe Stephanie- we also bought some make up this day too. We decided against eye liner, I just wasn’t ready for that yet, but thanks for your encouragement. You are right, it is so important to show our girls these things.

  2. I used to think I would be ready when they left for college, but Hannah only has two years. TWO YEARS! I’m not so sure. The boys start high school next month. Morgan is 6’1″ with a deep bass voice, but I still see him as a toddler, clinging to the last puzzle pieces before he could walk out the door.

    What fun, though, to celebrate the changes with Jessa.

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