Friday with Freda ~ You’re Going to Climb What Mountain?

Grandma has been asking me a million questions all week about my Pikes Peak climb today.

You’re going to climb what mountain again? Pikes Peak, remember the one we drive by all the time? 

How long will it take you? About five hours.

Aren’t you afraid you will get lost? A little, but my friend who is a skilled mountaineer will make sure that won’t  happen. I hope.

What will you eat? Water, and lots of trail mix.

Are you scared? Um, a little.

How in the world do you get up there? There are two trails. We are taking the one on the back side,  Jeff is going to take us and drop us off at the trail and pick us up. 

Will there be a lot of people? It depends on the weather.

It could rain – what are you going to do if it rains? Get wet.

And then finally she sighs after every round of questions she throws at me and simply says “Well, if I was younger I’d go with you.”

And you know what? I have NO doubt she is telling me the truth.




  1. Gaye Tillotson says:

    What a hoot that Freda is!! Will she be my grandma too?


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