When The Problem Is Fixed But You Forget

The ice maker in our refrigerator was broken for what seemed like forever.

We are extremely busy and because we didn’t have time or energy to get it fixed, we adapted. We bought ice cube trays and we made ice the old fashioned way for months. It be came part of the kitchen routine.

Last week we got the ice maker fixed. And you know what? I can’t seem to remember the fact that I don’t need to fill ice trays anymore. Every day I keep grabbing for those silly little trays instead of just putting the cup to the outside dispenser.

It annoys me that I can’t seem to retrain my brain.

Isn’t it the same way in business and ministry?

You fix a problem, and there is no doubt that new way is more efficient. You purchase a software or make that organizational shift, but you can’t get your brain around the fix. You forget that you paid money to save time, energy and resources because for whatever reason, you think it is just easier to keep going back to the work around.

Get unstuck today. Forget about the band aid. Stop reverting back to the way you were doing things because it is not helpful to you in the long run.

Remember, you fixed the problem.



  1. I do this all the time. I’ve found the fastest way to re-train my brain is to make a change that forces it to remember & verbalize the reasoning aloud. Using the ice trays as an example, I would relocate them from the freezer to the cabinet while saying something like, “I don’t need these anymore since the ice maker is fixed.” I usually forget the first time, open the freezer for the trays, but then remember when I don’t see them. I verbalize the fix again. Usually by the 3rd or 4th time, I will hear my own voice reminding me that the ice maker is fixed before I open the freezer door. If I don’t verbalize it though, forget it. I remain stuck in the much less efficient band aid mode.

  2. Very wise words, Julie. And sometimes it’s the Lord saying, “Why are you still thinking/behaving that way? Don’t you remember I fixed that?” 🙂

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