The Story of Tabitha and Her Kind Things

There was a believer in Joppa named Tabitha. She was always doing kind things for others and helping the poor….Acts 9:36

She has inspired me over the years as I have read and re-read her story. Her simple life, documented in Acts, of helping the poor and needy. I have often wondered what kind things did she do? Did she give money? Did she provide clothes to children? Did she give others a safe place to sleep at night?

And then she died.

I am sure those who served with her were devastated. Later in the story (v.39) it even says her friends (widows) were grieving her loss and showing Peter the clothes she had lovingly crafted for them. Clothes that I am sure were not just made out of earthly materials, but sewn from the love and hope in her heart.

I have been privileged to know so many Tabithas in my line of work. Women who grace Family Life Services everyday with their hospitality, patience and faithfulness. Day in and day out they serve families who are broken and hurting.

One Tabitha in particular I knew went to be with the Lord last summer. She had dedicated over 50 years of her life serving the least of these. She came to FLS when the organization was an orphanage, caring for the fatherless and homeless. She adapted when the ministry changed focus in the 80s and became an encourager and servant for single moms and their kids. She helped families when they came into our resident program needing a safe place to work through past hurts. This specific Tabitha I knew no doubt received a beautiful crown when she entered into the arms of Jesus last year.

But the Tabitha in Acts 9 didn’t stay dead for long.

Obviously the Lord still had kind things for her to keep doing. Peter walks into the room where her friends had laid her and says a short prayer.

…Get up, Tabitha.” And she opened her eyes! When she saw Peter, she sat up! v.40

Are you a Tabitha that needs to get up? 

Some days you may feel like your work is done. That the serving is about to come to an end. But the Lord is intervening. He is saying to you get up. You are not done. I still have work for you to do.

The hurting world could always use more Tabithas. What kind things will you get up and do today for Him?



Be Still Photo taken by Matthew John Photography


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