Sometimes It Is OK to Play Hookie

I had a fantastic week at work. We mapped out  the next fiscal year’s budget, I wrote new grants and made great contacts for Family Life Services. I had wonderful meetings with staff, and was excited from the great progress we are making with so many of our families. We also hosted energetic work groups of teens that came out to serve. This week was jam packed.

I’m not scheduled for a vacation until much later this Summer. So I’m thinking about playing hookie today. It is going to be 97 degrees. 97 DEGREES. So for today Friday will Freda will have to wait. I have some fun ideas in the crock pot of my mind for this series, so stay tuned. Today, this is calling me. I think I will spend some quality time with the fam.

What about you today? Can you get away? What fun is awaiting you if you played hookie today from work?

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