A Mother’s Reflection on My Son’s Baptism

…having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him through your faith in the power of God, who raised him from the dead.~2 Cor. 2:12

This weekend I experienced one the the most holy days I have ever had since becoming a mother in 1997.

Our fifteen year-old son Jacob came to Jeff and I this spring and talked to us about his desire to get baptized. He has known Jesus for a almost his whole life, but he wanted to make his faith his own. He wanted to publicly show his commitment to God by taking part in this sacred ritual of grace.

Baptism is really weird if you think about it. This tradition that stems from our ancient Jewish forefathers of the faith. In front of everyone you know, family and friends, you are saying I bury myself to His will. It symbolizes the death of Jesus having been laid in a grave for three days and then his resurrection and defeat of that death. By making this choice, as a believer, you have a time and a place where you announce to the watching world,  I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Not an easy  decision for a fifteen year old to make.

Like so many Christian parents, we wrestled with when was time for our children to take this step. We found ourselves asking, do they truly understand their salvation? Should we suggest baptism? As they got older, the peace I walked with was coming to the conclusion that for our children, when the time was right they should make the decision for themselves. I needed to step back and allow God to work in their lives to bring them to this understanding of total dependence on Him. To in faith, allow this to be something that they wanted for themselves and not a belief that was simply passed down from their parents.

God answered that prayer when Jacob began to talk to us about his own desire of baptism.

God. Is. Faithful.

Sometimes as a parent you rarely get a glimpse of the big picture in the day-to-day diaper changes, running car pool, school projects, church, the attitudes, the failures, the laughter and the disappointments.  My mantra to myself and to my kids through it all has consistently been this: “I am raising a man and a woman- NOT a boy or a girl.” This applies to their growth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

On this day I watched God take my boy one step closer to becoming a man.





  1. Wonderful, Julie. Praise God!

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