This Memorial Day I Choose to Focus on the Land of the Living

I shall walk before the LORD in the land of the living. ~Psalm 116:9

This is one of my favorite scriptures. Memorial Day is a time set aside in our culture that we remember the dead, but this verse also reminds me that I am in a world that is very much alive. A great paradox.


I have so many in my life that have passed that I need to remember today, and I recognize that this is important. But I also have so many friends and family around me to celebrate the joy of life with~ here in this land of the living.

This Memorial Day, I choose to focus on the land of the living, because by doing this, I am reminded that we serve a living God. A God that gives us a life that is blessed when we walk with Him, and beautiful relationships to walk with us on this journey.

What joy will you share with others in this land of the living today?




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