The Joyful Leader

Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the Lord. ~Psalms 119:1 NLT

I read this today and felt convicted. I have been grumping around for a few days. Tired, frustrated trying to work out problems in my flesh. This morning I was reminded that as a leader, if I am truly striving to be a person of integrity, then the outward overflow of this should be joy.

Not a superficial, Pollyanna joy, but a deep satisfaction and peace knowing that God is in control no matter what.

If you are a Christ follower today, if you aspire to be a person of integrity who is following the instructions of the Lord, share your joy with others. Ask yourself if you are in fact a joyful leader, or are you acting like a grumpy old troll. Give yourself permission to have an attitude check. It will go a long way today.

Who has been an example of a joyful leader in your own life? What about them gave them a disposition of deep joy?


  1. Good reminder, Julie. Thanks!

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