Friday With Freda ~ You Have To Have A Job To Do

My Grandma Freda is such a kick. At eight-nine you would think she would want to slow down a bit. But no.

Since she has moved in with us she has taken over two very specific jobs.

She rinses the dishes for me after every meal. And…

She folds all of the clothes.

I have told her she doesn’t need to do these jobs. That is why we had kids for goodness sake!

But she insists. “You have to have a job to do” she tells me. She actually gets pretty mad if I go ahead and do either one of these household jobs without letting her help. If I haven’t washed clothes in a while, like last weekend, she starts asking: “So you got any clothes for me to fold?” “Do you have a job for me to do?”

You see it gives her purpose and meaning. And it gives her something to look forward to during the day other than her soap operas.

And we all need that don’t we?

Thanks Grandma. You have made my house work a little lighter this past year. And I appreciate you for it.

We all need a job to do. A purpose, a calling. Sometimes it is small and sometimes it is huge. What job are you going to do today that gives you something to look forward to?




  1. Lisa Cree says:

    Freda is awesome! Yes she needs a job to do and thanking God for her to do it. Many times it’s another way we can worship God by doing those tasks and looking forward to them. I know it makes God smile when Freda folds the laundry!

  2. Lisa, she is awesome! And you know what you are so right. Work is worship when we offer it as a gift to the Lord. I would agree God does smile when she folds our laundry.


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