Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

A few weeks ago my daughter had to try out for what instrument she would play in the band. We are a band family, so like the geeks we all are, we went to support her through this rite of passage.

A couple of things happened that I did not expect.

The first was she was able to get a sound and different tones out of EVERY SINGLE  instrument she tried.

We were so proud of her! Instead of hoping for one or two options, we were looking at about six.

The second thing that happened, taught me a valuable leadership lesson.  She was willing to try every instrument, except for the clariment, thank GOD.

Even the tuba.

Have I mentioned how little she is? Can I just tell you how fearless she is? She inspires me.

Not many 65 pound girls would be willing to even try the tuba. But she did.

She was willing to consider every option that the band directors needed for next year’s incoming students to make the whole group successful. She got out of her own comfort zone and didn’t sell herself short of what the possibilities could be for her musically.

The take-away for me was not to be so quick to say no to something before I try. I have started asking myself, what is God leading me to consider that may be WAY out of my own comfort zone?

How about you? What are you willing or feel led to try that is new?

Time to get out of your comfort zone.





  1. OK so technically Jeff tells me that this is the baritone for concert band. But still….this thing was the same size as her! LOL.

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