A Grace Filled Mother’s Day ~ Encourage Single Moms Through A Special Tea

Some days God just gives you an extra dose of blessing. He allows you to step in where He is already working and join in on the fun. This Mother’s Day weekend I was asked to speak to a group of single mothers who gather as a support group through a local church.

My time spent with them at their special Mother’s Day tea was beautiful.

I always become anxious when speaking to single moms about what to say. Who am I to encourage this group of ladies? These warrior women who sacrifice so much for their kids. Women who everyday struggle to work hard, and provide love and support to their children all on their own. Will they get offended because I don’t really have clue as to what they are going through day by day, minute by minute?

But God has given me a heart to encourage them. To share with them His grace through my own journey.

This weekend I shared my season of grief with them. My loss. My own personal struggles and disappointments. I was honest with them that only God could heal my brokeness. Not my striving, not my perfection, not my attitude and certainly not my working harder. Only God. 

The ladies were overwhelmingly grateful and gracious. I was overwhelmingly relieved that they were encouraged by my words that the Lord provided.

God’s grace met me in the obedience. I love it when He does that. The added blessing of the day was one the attendees had been my child’s teacher at one time. She told me of how my child encouraged her by caring for other classmates. How my child went out of their way to love others, and say kind words. I wasn’t expecting this extra measure of grace. Then her own son came in and gave her a beautiful gift. It was precious to witness.

Blessed. I am so blessed.

This weekend was such a gift. I was blessed by the company of moms who often feel left out and alone on Mother’s Day. Mothers who don’t have a husband to buy them flowers, or arrange a nice breakfast or to take the kids for just a few hours so that they can read a book or take a walk. I loved what this local church is doing to express support for these ladies in our city. And they were so appreciative of the work at Family Life Services and what we do to help single moms that on the edge.

Blessed. I am so blessed.

God has allowed me to play a very small small part in something very beautiful that He is doing in our community. And I am so grateful.

One idea I took away from this event is for women who have a heart to serve, why don’t you get dust off your own tea sets and bring in your pretty tablecloths? You could schedule your own beautiful tea at your local church to encourage a group of single moms. Arrange for the child care for their kids for a few hours and bless their socks off.

They will NEVER forget it. I promise.

 Do you have other ideas of how to bless single moms throughout the year? I would love to hear them. Lets continue to look for ways to share God’s grace with these beautiful daughters of the King.

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