One Word for 2012 ~ Steward

I saw this quote last week on the white board in the gym where I work out.

It reminded me of my One Word for 2012. The word I chose, or should say the word that chose me, back in January was STEWARD.

This theme keeps coming up again and again throughout my life. It permeates my work and my family. It is a role I do not take lightly. I am thankful for the reminder yet again of just some of the areas I have been given a stewardship role over. Written so plainly there in the  smelly cardio room wall. Time and Health.

Steward everything well. Know the Master intimately. Set the goal for yourself to hear Him say “Well done!” when He comes back. Take care of the resources He has given you authority and leadership over.

Have you chosen a One Word or theme for 2012? Have you joined the community?


  1. joshua hetzel says:

    Julie, great word. My 2 words for the year are rest and transition. I’m glad somebody else does this too :).

    • Josh- It helps me not to focus on resolutions that I am just going to break anyway. I also LOVE the whole community around OneWord365 too- great people seeking God’s leading in their lives. Blessings Brother!

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