Friday with Freda ~ It Needs More Salt!

Since Grandma Freda has moved in with us, I have the privilege of cooking for a woman who for the first eighteen years of my life prepared my meals everyday. Having grown up in a home where my parents both worked, and Grandma lived with us, she was the matron in the family kitchen. I was grateful for her mad cooking skills. Her food was simply amazing.

When she moved in with our family last year, I have to be honest; I was to say the least intimidated to cook for her. At eighty-nine, she has lost her sight and can’t prepare my favorite dishes like she used to. And so when I fix her food, she can at times be a is a tough gal to wow.  Inevitably, when I ask her how anything tastes, she always says it needs more salt. It doesn’t matter what it is…It needs more salt. 

It has become a huge joke in our house when she says it. Oh and if Jeff fixes the food, Jesus might as well have prepared it, because he can do no wrong, but more on this observation later.

Not to over spiritualize this post, but to over-spiritualize this post—her comments about my cooking got me to thinking about my Christian walk recently. It needs more salt.

Jesus said so:

“You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor?” ~Matthew 5:13 NLT

So now when Freda says my dinner needs more salt, after I stop laughing, I have started to ask the Lord to help me add some more salt back in to my own life. I need to be a good flavor for the people around me. I’m no good without this stuff.

Grandmas can serve as great reminders sometimes. So pass the shaker.


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