Friday with Freda ~ Good Friday Time to Plant Your Potatoes!

Last year through some pretty difficult circumstances my Grandma Freda moved from West Virginia to Colorado to live with our family. I will be sharing more about these events in the future and what God is teaching me through my experience. It has been a wild ride having an eighty-nine year-old as a part of our very active day-to-day lives. At times it is difficult, but more often—it is filled with unexpected blessings. Fridays I hope to share insight and wisdom that she is teaching me.

Every morning she wakes up and has the same thing. Coffee and five vitamins. Eighty-nine years young and she doesn’t take one prescription drug. No need. She has worked hard, stayed healthy and there is simply no need for her to take medications.

This morning I mentioned to her over oatmeal that today was Good Friday.

“Well you can plant your potatoes today.”

Huh? My suburban mind has no idea what she is talking about, so of course I did what anyone would do. I googled planting potatoes on Good Friday.

Turns out, she is right. Traditionally folks who have farms, or just personal vegetable gardens plant their potatoes on Good Friday. Jesus went into the ground on this day, so should your potatoes.

Who knew?

And this is just one of the many things she teaches me every day.  Thanks Grandma. I had no idea.

Did you?




  1. Julie, this is a wonderful idea and a good start. NO, I had no idea it was time to plant potatoes. Loved seeing the photo of your precious grandmother, too.

    • Thanks Nancy! That means a great deal to me coming from you. Now did you plant any potatoes? HA! In CO we know nothing goes into the ground until at least after Mother’s Day.

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