Friday with Freda ~ A Trip to the Beauty Shop

One of the things I have learned from my grandma is that even at 89 years old appearance matters to a girl. Every week she sets her hair with rollers. If someone is coming to the house she puts on her pretty lipstick and fixes herself up.

Freda's Beauty Bag

In a culture that has made it almost socially acceptable to be seen in public in pajama bottoms and flip flops Freda has taught me that a girl is never too old to get “gussied up”.

This Friday, I took grandma to the beauty shop to get a perm. Yes, they still give perms. Her time at the “beauty parlor” as she likes to call it, is her special field trip out. Sue, the local stylist (beautician according to Freda) who fixes her hair, treats her like royalty on perm days.

Grandma and Sue her "Beautician"

I can’t convince my grandma that women my age really don’t get perms anymore. She just can’t understand why someone with hair as straight as mine wouldn’t want a perm to “hold in the style”.

That’s what hair gel and hair spray is for Freda, but I know she isn’t buying it.



  1. You are so blessed to have her. Treasure every moment. I wrote my mystery novel Directive 99 top protect the lives of our elderly who have so much to still offer society.


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