Family Priorities: Jeeping or Laundry?

This weekend I chose to not to do this…

To go do this…

I had to make a choice of family priorities: jeeping for 8 hours or laundry for 8 hours? Doing the laundry was pretty important. I work full-time outside of the home, so weekends are my time to catch up with housework. But…our family had not been out together in the Rubicon for months.

Ruby missed us all…I could sense it. We were finally able to join the Colorado Springs 4 Wheelers Club. This weekend we took our first large group trip with them to Hacket Gultch. While we had done this trip before, we had not gone with a large group of  4wheelers and it proved to be fun fun fun.

Just check out how much fun we had as a family. Proof that sometimes you have to prioritize and spend time with fam, instead of the dirty laundry. Especially when you live in Colorado and own a Jeep.

But Seriously? Was there really any choice?



  1. What a wonderful day! I have no doubt you and your children will remember this for a very long time, and I would guess it beat the heck out of choosing laundry!
    I think it’s that battle that we moms face every day: the important vs the urgent, and figuring out how to prioritize them.

    • Thanks Kim for stopping by! Yes. My day spent out in the Jeep with the fam beat the laundry for sure. Although I am a bit behind 🙂 All is good though- God honors our time spent with family. Blessings to you girl!

  2. That looks so fun!!! I wish we could go Jeeping!!! So did you ever get the laundry done? I bet you did with a smile all your face thinking of all the fun you had!


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