Are You Proud to Wear Your Company’s T-Shirt?

Recently I ordered new t-shirts for the staff and volunteers at Family Life Services. Thanks to the team at Co-Creative they came out AWE-MAZE-ING.

As I put mine on for the first time last week, I can honestly say I was  P.R.O.U.D. to wear the ministry’s t-shirt. We do amazing work to help hurting families. We are involved in the community. We all have clear calling  to the mission. But more importantly, we all love Jesus.

It got me thinking of some hard conversations that I have been having with friends recently who are having a really rough time at their work. They would not be proud to wear their company’s t-shirt right now. I feel really bad for them. My best advice? Leave. Or at least start planning your escape soon.

So what about you? Are you proud to wear your company’s t-shirt today?  If you can’t put on your organization’s shirt and be excited to wear it, then it is seriously time to go. You spend more time at work than anywhere else outside of your home. Why would you ever work some place you don’t support whole heartily? And just to clarify, I’m not just talking about ministry here.

I realize that these  are  tough words to hear in a hurting economy. Jobs are scarce, and I realize some folks feel like they just don’t have that many options right now. But I would challenge your thinking. If you can’t pour yourself into your work’s t-shirt then it is time to move on my friend. Life is too short to spend your time just taking a pay check rather than working for something you truly believe in.



  1. I have received so many “private messages” on FB and Twitter regarding this post. Friends who have said that this post was encouraging and spoke to them right where they are at right now. For those of you considering your next move, I want to recommend Jon Acuff’s book, Quitter, Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job. It is a funny read that will help you effectively plan your next move- and not freak out your spouse at the same time.

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